Stallion Service
Agreement For
Transported Semen

Poco Vista Performance Horses
Jeannie Young
Haydon Ranch
Mr. or Mrs. James L. Haydon
935 Harpole Rd. Argyle, TX 76226
County of Denton
817-271-3468 940-240-1013
This agreement is made this_____day of __________, 20__,
between_______________(Mare Owner) and Mr. or Mrs. James L. Haydon, Haydon
Ranch, (Breeder) and Jeannie Young, Poco Vista Performance Horses (Manager), for one
breeding for ____________________________, registration number
_________________(Mare) by cooled transported semen to the stallion
______________________________(Stallion) for the 20__ season at $___________
(Stud Fee), live foal guarantee.
This agreement is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Fees and Expenses:
A. Charges: A non-refundable booking fee of $________ for reserving the Stallion Is
due together with this signed agreement, and will be applied toward the Stud Fee. The
Mare Owner Agrees to pay the balance of the Stud Fee prior to the shipment of
cooled semen.
1.Each shipment will cost $150.00 plus the shipping fee.
B. Expenses: In addition to the Stud Fee, prior to the first shipment of semen the Mare
Owner must deposit $250.00 (the AExpense Deposit@) with the Breeder simultaneous
with this signed agreement. The Breeder will deduct all costs of the semen shipping
process for each shipment of semen, including lab and handling cost, ground and/or air
shipping, and Equitainer deposit. The Mare Owner will be billed for expenses in excess
of $250.00. If expenses are less than $250.00 at the time the Mare is determined to
be in foal, the remaining balance will be refunded promptly.
C. Equitainer: The Mare Owner understands that the Equitainer is the property of the
Breeder and that the Mare Owner does not obtain ownership rights to the Equitainer
by virtue of this agreement. Should the Mare Owner fail to return the Equitainer to
the Breeder within five (5) business days after receipt, $250.00 shall be charged to
cover the cost of the Equitainer.
D. Billing: Bills are due and payable in full on the first day of the month following receipt
of the statement. Any balance remaining unpaid after thirty days from the billing
date shall bear interest at the rate of 1 2 % per month from the date billed to the
date payment is received.
Condition and Treatment:
A. The Mare Owner represents and warrants to the Breeder that the Mare is in sound
breeding condition, is free from infection and disease and that the Mare tested negative
on a Coggins Test performed within six (6) months prior to the date of this agreement.
The Mare is registered, as appropriate, and that a copy of the Mare=s registration
papers are attached to this agreement. The Mare Owner further represents
and warrants that it is the record owner of the Mare.
B. The responsibility for conception is on the Mare Owner. Therefore, a qualified,
experienced licensed veterinarian competent in the use and handling of cooled semen
should perform the insemination. The Breeder, in its sole discretion, may refuse to
ship semen beyond three shipments if the Breeder believes the insemination is not
proper or the Mare is not healthy.
Waiver of Liability: Other than as provided in this agreement, the Breeder shall not be
liable in any way for any failure to settle, injury, sickness, disease or death of the Mare
arising from the stallion service pursuant to the agreement.
Breeding Season: For purposes of this agreement the breeding season shall begin February
1st and close July 1st of the year of this agreement.
Cooled Semen Handling: The Mare Owner agrees to comply with all breed requirements, as
applicable, concerning the use and handling of cooled semen. The Mare Owner agrees to
perform the insemination within twenty-four (24) hours but not more than forty-eight
(48) hours from receipt of the cooled semen.
Live Foal Guarantee: The Mare Owner is guaranteed one Alive foal.@ The term Alive foal@
means that the foal resulting from the breeding shall stand and nurse for twenty-four
(24) hours. If a live foal does not result from the breeding, the Mare Owner will be
entitled to rebreed the Mare to the Stallion for no additional Stud Fee during the same
or next breeding season, provided proper written notification that the Mare has slipped
or produced a non-viable foal is given to the Breeder within one (1) week of such slippage
or non-viable birth. Proper notification shall be defined as written certification by a
licensed veterinarian that the Mare has slipped or produced a non-viable foal. The
Breeder may require that the re-breeding be performed at the Breeder=s facility and
the Mare Owner agrees to pay Mare care and other normal expenses relative to the
Disclaimer: Breeder makes no representation of warranties, express or implied, regarding
the cooled semen delivered under this agreement, including, without limitation, representations
or warranties that the cooled semen will safely reach the insemination point
without losing its integrity, quality or other characteristics. The Mare Owner acknowledges
that the use of cooled semen is a new emerging technology that the Breeder
cannot guarantee in any respect. Breeder makes no representations or warranties,
express or implied, regarding the delivery of the cooled semen delivered under this
agreement, and shall not be responsible for delayed, lost or mishandled deliveries. Semen
will be collected only on established breeding days and no representations or warranties
are made or implied that cooled semen will be available at the time requested by
the Mare Owner.
Breeder=s Certificate: A breeder=s certificate will be issued to the Mare Owner after all
fees and expenses have been paid in full and upon notification of the birth of the foal.
General Terms:
A. In the event that the Stallion dies or become unfit for service, or in the event
that the Mare dies during the breeding season, the Mare Owner may substitute
another mare or breed the Mare to another stallion at the Breeder’s farm, as
may be agreed by both the Mare Owner and the Breeder. If another stallion is
not available, this agreement will become null and void, the Stud Fee (less the
booking fee and the balance of the Expense Deposit) will be refunded to the
Mare Owner and the parties to this agreement will be released from any further
rights, obligations or liabilities hereunder.
B. This agreement, when signed by the Mare Owner and the Breeder and accompanied
by payment of the booking fee and Expense Deposit, shall be a binding agreement
on both parties on the above terms and conditions. This agreement constitutes
the entire agreement between the parties concerning the breeding of the
Mare and the Stallion and supersedes all other agreements or understandings between
the parties.
C. This agreement may be executed in any number of counterparts which, taken together,
shall be considered as a single agreement, and may be transmitted via
facsimile, with facsimile signatures binding the party so signing.
In witness whereof, the parties have executed this agreement as of the date first written
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